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Leader of New Democratic Party of Canada

27 May 2002


Adamm Liley

Halifax, Nova Scotia


Dear Mr. Liley,


I look forward to participating in your planned film documentary, Cheeseburgers, Guns, and The American Dream next spring in Ottawa. 


Like you, the New Democratic Party does not want to see Canada become the 51st state.  The NDP believes that Canadians do care about diversity, peacekeeping, public services, and the sharing of our wealth with others less fortunate, at home and abroad.  Canadians support Medicare, public education, fair taxes and fair trade.  As federal leader, I will be pleased to discuss the NDPs 12-point plan for saving Canada in your film documentary. 


In closing, I offer my support for your film documentary project.  Please be in touch with Gail Dugas or Lee Bennett in my Ottawa office to confirm interview/filming details.




Alexa McDonough, MP for Halifax

Leader of Canada's NDP




cc. Gail Dugas, Media Officer

       Lee Bennett, Leaders Tour